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EXT Herd Management Software

EXT Herd Management Software: UNIFORM-Agri  

Our Professional Herd Management Software. Thanks to the partnership with an international specialist, we present our solution for a more in-depth professional EXT (Extended) Herd Management Software.

UNIFORM-Agri Professional is the complete herd management package for the dairy farmer. After one brief data entry session, UNIFORM-Agri Professional can then control the day-to-day administration and management reporting requirements of the herd. The Dashboard highlights the events that are due to happen, cows that require attention, and key performance indicators, giving a clear overview of the herd’s targets and its performance.

The system can highlight daily and weekly events like veterinarian visits, as well as alert the farmer which animals in their herd may require direct attention. Intelligent reporting tools analyse production, fertility, herd health, and highlight any problems or changes in herd management or feeding. You can use the UNIFORM-App to access your herd data anywhere on the farm via your Android, iOS Smartphone or Tablet and a basic Internet connection. 

Large icons make it easy for farmers to navigate to their cow and young stock records and enter information away from the office PC. You can access your herd's data and reports, as well as logs of veterinarian check ups so there is no need to carry paper copies around the farm; onscreen reminders show you all the planned events .i.e vet visits & fertility alerts.

The features and benefits of the UNIFORM-Agri Software:
  • Professional Milking Analysis
  • Builds a Lactation Database
  • Feeding Monitoring
  • Report Editor
  • Android & iOS Mobile App

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