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Vacuum Care

Vacuum Care  

Stabilvac 4000 & 6000:

The patented Stabilvac vacuum regulators grant a stable and reliable vacuum for your parlour. The Stabilvac vacuum regulator maintains consistent vacuum between 36 kPa (11” Hg) and 50 kPa (15” Hg) at airflow of up to ten thousand litres per minute (353 cfm). To obtain the maximum possible accuracy and quietness in the milking parlour install Stabilvac 4000 & 6000 close to the terminal unit and the valves close to the vacuum pumps.

In large systems, it is possible to install two valves (4000 or 6000) and control them through a separate sensor. Each Stabilvac is manufactured and individually tested under strict factory conditions to meet ISO Standards. 

The features and benefits of the Stabilvac 4000 & 6000:

  • High accuracy
  • Great sensitivity
  • Quick reaction
  • Stabilises rate of vacuum
  • Reduced noise 
  • Quick and easy to install & service

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Pop Off 6000 Safety Valve 

Pop Off Safety Valve is the compact, easy to install, “stand-alone” solution designed to safeguard the integrity of the milking system and the health of the herd. If a sudden increase in the vacuum level is detected, caused by faults or breakage of the vacuum regulators, 'Pop Off' intervenes by keeping the level below the warning level set. The whistle that the device emits calls the attention of the operator who will be able to restore optimum operating conditions for the milking equipment.

The features and benefits of the Pop Off 6000 Safety Valve:

  • Compact, stand-alone device
  • Can be used with any vacuum regulator
  • Can be adapted to any milking system
  • Reliable spring device – no diaphragm
  • Can be used with the Inverter
  • Easy to adjust – no tools required
  • No fluctuations
  • Maintenance free
  • Large operating capacity
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milkrite | InterPuls' SANIVAC is an innovative valve that improves the effectiveness of the washing process in all milking parlours. During the cleaning process SANIVAC automatically increases the vacuum level up to 10 kPa, in order to raise the turbulence of the water flow inside the milkline and assures a vigorous cleaning and a complete disinfection of the milking system. After the washing process, SANIVAC automatically restores the milking vacuum level.

Note: Sanivac is not available as individual item, but as an accessory of Top Wash washing system only.


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